Stone Creative is a ministry of The Living Stone Church that exists to share the gospel in creative and relevant ways. We firmly believe that creativity should be at the root of celebrating and sharing the gospel. We are a collection of worship leaders, musicians, writers, artists, designers, and creatives who exist to equip the church and share the gospel through creativity and theologically rich content. Through this, we exalt the name of Jesus through the passions and talents that He has given us.


Stone Creative was born in the Fall of 2016. Upon our church (The Living Stone Church) launching, we were actively praying about and developing ways to share the gospel in new and exciting forms while still keeping the story and theology of the gospel in tact. Through these prayers and developmental stages, God placed on our hearts Stone Creative. Within this ministry, we have multiple teams that are ever-evolving and are adding more teams as the need arises or the opportunity is presented. Each of these teams exist in their own form yet within the overall mission of The Living Stone Church and Stone Creative. Each team uses its unique attributes, talents, and people to worship the one true God and find ways to share the gospel, cultivating communities of fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

Current Stone Creative Teams

  • Stone Creative Worship
    • Led by Nate Harrison
  • Stone Creative Audio/Visual
    • Led by Nate Harrison and Erik Walega
  • Stone Creative Photography
    • Led by Jake Duncan
  • Stone Creative Writing
    • Led by Kelsey Harrison
  • Stone Creative Social
    • Led by Kassie Hutchison

Teams currently in Development

  • Stone Creative Songwriting
  • Stone Creative Poetry
  • Stone Creative Painting
  • Stone Creative Story-telling