Why CREATING a Culture is So Important?

Culture is something that many of us think is inherited or even organic-- that culture is something that the organization/group begins to experience as a natural phase of existence.  While this is true to an extent, we have a say as to why our culture is the way it is.  Culture is something that is built.  We can't be so passive that we let the culture take shape by itself.  We must be in tune with the vision and values of the organization and build the culture based on that.

We are a young ministry.  We began in August 2016.  We actually began developing our culture before August.  We started building the culture of Stone Creative and The Living Stone Church a couple years before.  You see, culture is defined by values.  What do you value?  What does your organization value?  If you have a vision for the organization, your values should help you accomplish that vision, and a culture is to be built around these principles.  Every organization has values; the question is what does your culture say you value?

At Stone Creative, we are already working hard at building our values in order to shape our culture.  This year we are focusing on excellence.  We want to "Do it best...every time."  This is going to be part of our culture, so we are working to build that right now.  For the next 7 years, we are focusing on a different value.  You can find these below.  

If you don't create the culture, the culture will create you.  

Stone Creative Culture

  • Excellence
    • "Do it best...every time."
  • The Word
    • "Everthing we do is rooted in Scripture."
  • Prayer
    • "We pursue God and seek His guidance in everything."
  • Growth
    • "We develop the skills God has given us to be used so more people hear the gospel."
  • Engagement
    • "To lead how God calls us to, we have to be contributors, not consumers."
  • Community
    • "We can accomplish more together, than apart."
  • Discipleship
    • "We want to see people become fully devoted followers of Jesus."


Nate Harrison/Worship Pastor