Mission & Vision

Expand The Movement Of Jesus Followers

The Living Stone Church exists to expand the movement of Jesus followers across Denver, the West, & the World. We set out to accomplish this mission by holding to three core values that make up our vision:

Prayer Is The Work

Prayer is our first response and never our last resort! We don't pray - then work. Prayer is the work. We pray, then God works! At The Living Stone, we regularly engage God on a personal level through prayer in our services, Community Groups and everywhere else in between!

People Are The Mission

The life and ministry of Jesus centers around three different relationships: His relationship with God the Father, His relationship with His disciples and His relationship with other people. Jesus’ spiritual intimacy with God was His primary calling and ministry was simply a natural overflow of His time with God. We deeply desire to model this as we engage people with the love and hope of the gospel. Like Jesus, our primary calling is intimacy with God, every other relationship and ministry flows from this.

Praise Is Our Response

How could we ever thank God enough for all He’s done? Seriously, think about it. God’s promises have never failed! He is faithful and true. He listens to and answers our prayers. He does the impossible. He heals broken people. He makes a way, even when there is no way. He even loved us, when we were far from Him. He gave us Jesus, His only Son, who died in our place. How could we ever thank God enough? Praise is our response. We praise Him for all that is good in our life - and we praise Him for the difficult things and hard times too. Knowing and trusting that He is able to refine us and refocus us to become more like Jesus.

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